Pupils to get biking

Pictured, in front, from left, are pupils Ivan Abrahams, Zanu-Deen Adams, Kiyana Keet and Janet Jones. At the back are Pedal Power representative Kirwin Swartz, Grade3 teacher Samantha Edwards, project coordinator Jannis Jagger and principal Gavin Alkana.

Hillwood Primary School pupils received 10 bicycles from the Pedal Power Association (PPA) on November 14, through its Bike4All project.

The PPA was founded in 1976 as a public benefit organisation and is committed to promoting cycling and the interests of cyclists.

Principal Gavin Alkana said the bicycles would benefit the children. “These bicycles will be used for the Grade 3 to 4 pupils to improve social skills and to create a love for the sport.”

Ms Alkana said teaching children how to ride a bike is a way to go back to the time, “when children were children and through riding bicycles it may prevent pupils from getting involved in gangsterism and substance abuse”.