Reach out to needy

Keith Blake, Ottery

Last week my wife, Tina, and I were invited by Pastor Paul Phillips, chairman of the Voice of Parkwood, to his home in Oribi Avenue in Lotus River.

One can really see the poverty in that area, yet Pastor Phillips and his family have decided to live with the poor in their neighbourhood, preach the gospel and reach out first-hand to the needs of his community.

I was invited to give a motivational talk to a group of young boys, ages 14 to 18, about the importance, of getting a matric certificate.

Afterwards the pastor and other men of the community told me about their mission to get the youth off the streets onto the soccer field and into groups where once a week, prayer meetings and group discussions can be held on different issues.

However, the soccer initiative needs soccer balls, movable soccer posts, soccer outfits and visits by soccer stars to motivate the aspiring players.

Pastor Phillips hopes to turn a field, which currently resembles a semi dumping site, near his home into a soccer field, but he needs support.

One always hears the call at meetings that the community must take back their streets, and here is a golden opportunity to take the youth off the streets. There is also scope for a broader vision of providing other sporting resources in the line of cricket, netball, hockey etc.

Pastor Paul can be contacted at 062 122 1577.