Reaching out

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery

On Sunday April 22, over a thousand residents from Ottery, Philippi, Lotus River, Grassy Park, Wetton and Hanover Park received groceries, a small blanket, bread
and 10km of rice donated by China Town and the Tzu Chi Foundation at Ottery China Town.

This is the third year that I have been tasked to nominate 1 000 residents and this was done with the assistance of the various community leaders.The recipients on the numerous lists each received vouchers which they brought to the event and this voucher was the key to receiving the donations.

After the 1 000 people received their goods, more people came and we gave them the same goods without needing a voucher. The security of China Town, the Grassy Park SAPS and traffic officials are thanked for their
duties and crowd control as no incidents occurred. Mother Teresa once said: If you cannot feed a 1 000 people then only feed one.