Reading bragging rights at Retreat

Retreat library staff, judges and pupils who took part in the competition.

Bookworms had an opportunity to face off at Retreat library’s annual reading competition last week.

Delta Primary, Harmony Primary, Thomas Wildschutt Primary, Sullivan Primary and Square Hill primary schools took part in the competition with a group of four Grade 7 pupils on Tuesday April 25.

The pupils read in English and Afrikaans. English first place winner was Zoe Ahmed from Thomas Wildschutt Primary, second place was Joel Davids from Square Hill Primary and first place in Afrikaans was Charneqa Williemse from Square Hill Primary and second was Shauniqa Van Wyk from Delta Primary.

The most promising award was given to Costace Chirwa from Sullivan Primary.

Zoe Ahmed from Thomas Wildschutt won first place in English.
Charneqa Willemse from Square Hill won first place in Afrikaans.
Joel Davids from Square Hill came in second place for English.
Shaniqa van Wyk from Delta Primary won second place in Afrikaans.
Costace Chriwa from Sullivan Primary received a prize as the most promising reader.