Reading star rises once more

Cassidy Hendricks, 8, at the reading competition semi-final at Milnerton High School.

Cassidy Hendricks, 8, the reading star from Lotus River, has once again inspired children after she won first prize in her category at the South African Literacy Association (SALA) annual reading competition (“Cassidy meets authors”, March 29).

She won for Best Reader in Grade 2 with English as a first Language.

Brenda Tommy, Cassidy’s grandmother, said four competitors from each province part took.

Ms Tommy said the competition happened via video submission, which had to be submitted by October 21. The results were issued October 27.

Ms Tommy said: “I’m exceptionally proud of Cassidy and her achievement. She went for gold and practised daily, including weekends. She is rather tenacious and refuses to accept second position. She truly sets the bar high and is constantly wanting to learn more and do better. This is an overachiever for whom only 100% will do.”