Rebuilding centre

Zahid Badroodien, Mayoral committee member for community services and health

In response to last week’s article, “Plan for new community centre in Parkwood” (Southern Mail, February 19), the entire building (Parkwood community centre) and its contents were destroyed and the claim was submitted for the insured value of
R13 million.

The cost to rebuild the centre is yet to be determined by the City’s Project Management Office.

The insurance has paid for damages but not the replacement value of the building, however, broader consultation with all role players is required before a final decision on the shortfall is made.

The time frame is yet to be determined.

The aim of public participation is to include public opinion and input regarding public facilities before making a decision.

We encourage community members to protect and take ownership of these facilities, and also develop a joint working relationship with the City to reduce or eliminate vandalism.

Members of the public are encouraged to report cases of vandalism to the police or Law Enforcement.