Remembering ’Gita’

Luke “Gita” Kiel Hendricks has died of cancer.

Clive Jacobs, community and gay activist

Luke “Gita” Kiel Hendricks was someone who enjoyed spreading love and being active in the community, whether it was performing on stage or handing out food.

Gita lived a very professional lifestyle and was an activist, cabaret artist and performer.

On Saturday February 13, this amazing person lost a battle with cancer.

The Kiel family and a few divas decided to rock the community in his honour with cabaret performances and songs by divas such as Whitney Houston, Adele and Tina Turner.

I spoke about how Gita spread love by doing what he did best.

The community in Lavender Hill needed some fun and upliftment instead of the sound of gunshots and other crime.

The day ended in style where everyone could enjoy food and drinks. His memory will linger forever. The family wants to thank all his friends and family.

Time really waits for nobody. Let’s feel grateful and be thankful.