Resident reaches out to stray dogs

Kauthar Cupido, known as Kay, loves taking care of stray dogs with Kerban Thysse who witnesses her act of kindness.

Since 2018 Kauthar Cupido, 47, better known as Kay, had been feeding stray and neglected dogs behind the Grassy Park post office and her efforts did not go unnoticed by some residents who said they “love” what she is doing.

Kerban Thysse called Southern Mail and said he thought Ms Cupido’s act of kindness was worth a story and he and a friend, made sure that she was willing to share it.

Mr Thysse said her action is “soos” * riem onder my hart” (he loved her good deed), seeing her patiently taking care of these vulnerable creatures. “An animal is just like a human who needs to be taken care of,” said Mr Thysse.

Ms Cupido said she does not only feed dogs but “takes care” of them holistically.

“If they are in need of rescue, I take them to the Cape of Good Hope Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) for de-worming or if they have flea bites I will have them fixed.”

Ms Cupido’s passion for animals stems from the days when she worked at the SPCA 17 years ago. She said she kept in touch with the SPCA and they have recently appointed her as a brand ambassador.

The Plumstead resident said she had also been doing community service by helping the homeless.

“As I was driving from Zeekoevlei, I saw these homeless people next to Grassy Park police station. That was the starting point, when I offered to feed them. The City of Cape Town also has an upliftment programme every Tuesday at the Grassy Park library where they are taught skills on how to change their lives.”

But her focus soon turned to dogs. One particular pitbull “with a skin condition” caught her eye as she was driving through 7th Avenue.

“I took care of the dog a few times but one day the owners said the dog was stolen. I asked someone who knows the area to search for him.”

She said that pitbull dogs are used in dog fights, and she was determined to find him. “Eventually someone found him and brought him home. I don’t know why he was brought home so quickly, Maybe it was because I offered a reward. I gave the people R100 and took the dog to live with me for three and a half months. When he was better I gave him to a family in Fish Hoek.”

Ms Cupido urged people to take care of their dogs. “I didn’t only see stray dogs on the street but also dogs that came from homes. Some people are feeding the dogs scraps and then the dogs run outside to find more food.”

She said dogs off leash are also more likely to get lost, or hurt in an accident and they are more vulnerable to attack by other dogs.

* The City of Cape Town no longer admits cats and dogs to the state managed Atlantis pound. All unwanted, abandoned, stray, seized, confiscated and impounded cats and dogs from the greater Cape Town area are admitted to the Cape of Good Hope SPCA. To report a lost pet or to find out if your pet is with us, call the
SPCA’s Lost and Found Department on 021 700 4166 or email to