Residents deprived of their right to life”

Shiela Jacobs, chairperson of the Cape Flats Shebeeners’ Association

In response to “Shape up or face eviction” (Southern Mail, November 16), to my knowledge, the letter received from the City of Cape Town is only a notice and not an eviction order.

This is discrimination towards our people because it is like putting them out on the street, in the process showing no human dignity and depriving them of their right to life.

The policy is fitting only for the City of Cape Town and not our people, because what belongs to our parents should be the children’s heritage, as our people should have been home-owners long ago, but due to hidden agendas in the City of Cape Town policy this has been to the detriment of our people.

The worst part of the City of Cape Town policy is it always oppresses the poor, as they don’t have money for law suits to fight for their right to life.

The points that were raised by City spokesperson Priya Reddy doesn’t make sense as the house belonged to Beulah Williams’ grandmother and as far as I’m concerned, should rightfully be handed to her.

We fought the apartheid era as South Africans and will do the same to the illegal policies and by-laws implemented by the Western Cape government which wants to force these policies on our people.

I believe:

1. Only the court can evict residents from premises.

2. If eviction is to happen there should be a reasonable and proper timeframe to make necessary arrangements.

3. Ms Williams can’t be evicted if her grandmother should have been a home-owner ages ago.

4. She received a notice and not an eviction letter so she shouldn’t move before a court sends her a summons to state a case against her.

5. Policies are discriminating against our people and robbing them of their right to life and equality.

The Bill of Rights states that, “No one
may be deprived of property except in terms of law of general application, and no law may permit arbitrary deprivation of property.”