Retiring after four decades

The children bid their teacher farewell.

After teaching for more than four and a half decades, Kannemeyer Primary School teacher Zuconie Cupido, 65, marked her last day as a Grade 1 teacher last week.

Ms Cupido, a Grassy Park resident, has been a foundation phase teacher for all her career, having spent one year at the Moravian School in Hout Bay and the rest at Kannemeyer Primary in Grassy Park.

“I love teaching. I am so passionate about these children and laying a good foundation to carry them throughout their life. If I could continue teaching, I definitely would but the education department told me that I need to go on compulsory retirement so it’s time for me to go,” she said smiling.

Ms Cupido said she planned to spend most of her free time with her grandchildren and in Oudtshoorn where she has a house. “The city is too busy for me. I like calmness and quietness where I can rest.”

Kannemeyer Primary principal Ridwan Samodien, who has worked with Ms Cupido for more than 20 years, said the stalwart was one of the most brilliant Grade 1 teachers he’d ever had the privilege of working with.

“She knows what to do and how to handle the children and she has been brilliant in teaching children how to read. She has a systematic programme she follows and her experience ensures that what she does in the classroom gets them ready for the rest of their schooling career with a solid foundation,” said Mr Samodien.

“She cares about the children and she can be strict but the kids absolutely fall in love with her. They love her to bits and she will be dearly missed,” he ended.

Ms Cupido thanked her family, friends and colleagues for supporting her throughout her career.

“I thank the Lord firstly and everyone who played a role in my life as a teacher,”said Ms Cupido.