Retreat drop-off facility re-opened

Councillors Kevin Southgate, Xanthia Limberg and Shannen Rossouw at the new ramp at the improved facility.

The Retreat drop-off facility is open again and residents are encouraged to make use of the services again.

The facility was closed in April last year for a full revamp, which includes a drive through ramp where people can drive up and dispose of their recyclables and waste and was reopened on Saturday September 4.

The previous facility was small and caused a lot of inconvenience for residents as trucks and other vehicles would often block Eleventh Avenue where the drop-off is located. With a new off-street entrance and bigger space the facility can now provide all services needed, including a chipping shed and improved facilities for the staff.

Ward 72 councillor Kevin Southgate said the change at the facility has been “phenomenal”. “We had a very small drop-off facility and it was very inconvenient for lots of people and with the closure of Ladies Mile it increased the capacity at the facility.”

He said it’s unfortunate that the facility had been closed for such a long time but said the end product is commendable.

Mr Southgate encouraged residents to start using the new facility because the surrounding areas have been heavily impacted by illegal dumping.

“There was an astronomical increase in the amount of illegal dumping. I’m hoping the facility will help to address these challenges which in turn will benefit the greater community because at the moment millions of rands is being spent by the City of Cape Town to clean up illegal dumping,” he said.

Xanthia Limberg, Mayco member for water and waste, said the Retreat drop-off site is important because it forms part of a network of facilities the City has made available to provide an easily accessible and free service to residents and small businesses to minimise waste.

“Part of minimising waste means enhancing our public space and the aesthetics of our communities but it’s also a key component of the informal waste sector which in itself is a growing economic sector so the City, through this facility, is trying to achieve a multitude of objectives,” said Ms Limberg.

These objectives are waste minimisation, reducing illegal dumping, free facilities that provide enhanced services and stimulating local economies.

Grassy Park resident Kenneth Adams, who was at the facility for the second time since it opened, brought his recyclables and other waste. He was happy that the facility was reopened. “My garage was packed with stuff and I could now finally bring everything. I’m very happy it reopened because it took a very long time,” he said.