Rotary meets Rainbows


Where Rainbows Meet Training and Development Foundation, in Vrygrond, were visited by Rotary Club of Kromboom as well as the Rotary Club of Eggenfelden Pfarrkirchen Germany, on Tuesday March 22, at 10am.

This was the first time some members of the Rotary Club of Eggenfelden Pfarrkirchen visited the foundation and saw the new computer facility, which was donated by both Rotary clubs.

The computer facility is a skills development training centre, which provides a course entailing the full Microsoft Office package, this is also coupled with life skills.

The course is open to anyone from all areas.

Fatiema Abrahams, Where Rainbows Meet marketing and events manager, said: “We feel honoured that they are a part of Where Rainbows Meet. We couldn’t have done it without their support. The Rotarians have not only provided us with a facility but they also have so much love for the children, the women and the community. They have helped us change the lives of so many and they will continue making a bigger difference with our future plans to come.”