’Safe’ bench for Kannemeyer Primary

A bench at Kannemeyer Primary serves as a refuge for anxious pupils.

A bright yellow bench that offers a refuge for pupils feeling anxious and stressed has been installed at Kannemeyer Primary School.

The bench, which was introduced to the school’s pupils on Tuesday October 19, is part of The Kind Heart Bench Project.

The project, according to its founder Bradley Bailey, addresses issues around peer pressure, bullying, anxiety and depression in schools.

The benches, he says, create a safe space and a visual reminder to pupils to “take a breather, to connect and openly share their stories and ideas”.

The school’s principal, Ridwaan Samodien, said the bench would encourage acts of kindness and active listening.

Schools wanting to find out more about the project can contact Mr Bailey at 071 962 0693 or bradley@perfectfit360.co.za

Seated on the new “safe” bench at Kannemeyer Primary School, from left, are deputy heady boy Uzair Isaacs, Kind Heart Bench Project founder Bradley Bailey, principal Ridwan Samodien and deputy head girl Skye Doyle.
Kannemeyer Primary School pupils are introduced to the “safe” bench.