Save a child

A peaceful prayer walk was held on Sunday September 17 in memory of Ezra Daniels.

Philip Bam, public relations officer, Grassy Park Community Police Forum

A wide range of organisations in Parkwood Estate united on Monday September 18, to plot the way forward in dealing with the ongoing violence in the area.

It was clear that the many positive activities in the area have been overshadowed by the violent actions of a few.

Parkwood Estate has so much good going for it that we cannot allow the few bad people to dictate what happens in this community, said Fuad Titus, the chairperson of the Grassy Park Community Police Forum (CPF) who arranged this meeting in collaboration with Pastor Paul Phillips of the Voice of Parkwood.

The meeting agreed to harness the forces for good to bring about lasting change in Parkwood.

This initiative follows the fatal shooting of seven-year-old Ezra Daniels two weeks ago and the peaceful prayer walk held on Sunday September 17.

Organisations involved in this initiative includes Foundation for Positive Change, operating a half way house for recovering drug addicts and a rehabilitation programme; Embrace Seniors; Reconciliation ministries; Save a Child, an organisation helping youth; Parkwood Community Choir; Dream Team; Moving Forward, a child and youth upliftment organisation – all bringing positive inputs to the area.

The initiative is supported by the ward councillor William Akim.

It was agreed that while the community needed to address the gangs and drug problem, more emphasis should be placed on the positive work being done in the area and an appeal was made that the media should be requested to give more prominence to the good than the evil.

The dictum that evil triumph when good people do nothing is driving this group to a plan of action that will speak peace and harmony in Parkwood Estate.

Many more stakeholders in the area will be drawn in, such as the provincial and local departments of Social Development; the housing department; school principals and other faith-based organisations.

The next meeting will be held on Wednesday October 4. The venue is yet to be confirmed.

For more informa-tion, contact Fuad Titus, chairman of the Grassy Park CPF on 078 637 3225 or Pastor Paul Phillips on 074 689 6924 or 073 309 9705.