Saying goodbye to a man of integrity

Pastor Paul Phillips, Voice of Parkwood

Allow me to award the Order of Parkwood to one of the all time outstanding leaders in the late Bishop Clark.

A man of integrity, vision and steadfast belief in his God and his purpose in life. That vision was to see that Parkwood Estate is a better place for all to live in.

A man of the cloth nowadays has so many negative connotations, but here we had a real leader who dedicated his life in serving our community.

A man who stood up for truth, justice and fairness, a man who was unwavering in his quest to positively influence and impact the lives of the people of Parkwood Estate.

I salute this great warrior of our people. A warrior who went to war against poverty, gangsterism and crime and all the evils that lurk and threaten to overcome us so many times.

A warrior who we could trust in leading protest marches, to voice our dissatisfaction on so many issues, a warrior who voiced his concerns in the corridors and offices of government.

With this warrior we felt safe to take to task officials and ministers.

When he wore the cloak and collar, we could recognise and acknowledge his
office and authority, unlike so many men and women of the cloth nowadays.

His legacy will forever live in my/ our hearts, forever be seen in the physical contributions he made in the community of Parkwood, and forever be echoed in the corridors of heaven.

The memorial service of the late Bishop Clark, a community leader, will be at Christen Gemeente Church, Abdullah Moosa Walk, today, Wednesday April 11, from 7.30pm, Parkwood. All to wear white please.

Call 083 658 3885 or email