School instils pride

Grassy Park High School held its second annual Pride Act awards last week to give credit to pupils who performed well academically last year.

The ceremony was held on Monday February 1 and pupils who were awarded received certificates and the top achievers of each grade received special blazers.

The main aim of the Pride Act awards is to restore pride at the school and includes academic and cultural achievement and a turn around award, given to pupils who improves either academically or culturally.

The latter two categories will only be awarded later this year.

Teacher and vice-principal, Shirley Chapman said they want to bring back the sense of pride at Grassy Park High School.

“By doing this we want to acknowledge pupils who brand our school positively by producing academic excellence, showcasing their cultural abilities in sport and extra mural and making a turn around in their lives by restoring a belief in themselves,” said Ms Chapman.

“We want to change the outlook at our school because there’s a lot of negativity.

“Pupils come out of troubled homes and they’re not always the easiest kids but we at Grassy Park High don’t give up on our pupils so we try to encourage them in every way possible.

“Grassy Park High School was one of the top schools in our area back in the day and we are trying to get that status back,” she said.

Last year the school’s National Senior Certificate pass rate was 94.3 percent, up from the previous year’s 89 percent.

Pupils are not allowed to buy blazers, they have to earn them. Instead teachers and parents donate money to buy a certain number of blazers for pupils who perform well.

To date 15 pupils have blazers. The “cultural” and “turn around” awards will take place next term.