School offers youth a chance to reach goals

Kareemah Abrahams

Two women from Schaapkraal who received bursaries to study at TSIBA, one who is still studying at TSIBA and the other, an entrepreneur, shared their experiences to encourage aspiring business degree studies and job seekers.

TSIBA Business School, registered as TSIBA Education NPC is a not-for-profit accredited higher education institution. TSIBA provides high quality tertiary education to talented and ambitious students. Since this institution also provides subsidised fees to all students TSIBA provides incredible value. Testimony to the value that TSIBA provides to its students is provided by the two amazing Schaapkraal women who have journeyed through TSIBA.

Kareema Abrahams, 25, said she came to know about TSIBA through a mentor in high school. “Once I got accepted, I received a full bursary to study at Tsiba in 2016.”

She studied for a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and completed her studies in 2018.

Ms Abrahams said she would recommend anyone that is interested in pursuing a career in business to study at TSIBA.

“TSIBA offers a unique approach to learning. With their focus on leadership and self development, you are bound to not only grow in your educational career but in your personal journey as well. Tsiba has empowered me with the correct mindset, attitude and skills which I needed in order to follow my dream of becoming a business owner.”

Ms Abrahams now runs a full-time home-based bakery called Kareemah’s Delights.

“Starting my own business has been my biggest highlight thus far. I started selling my baked goods in our house shop when I was in high school so that I could earn pocket money. After seeing the demand for my goods and getting orders from friends, family and neighbours, I decided in university that I wanted to go the entrepreneurial route and do this business full time,” said Ms Abrahams.

When she graduated in 2018, she registered her business and she has been trading ever since.

Ms Abrahams’s advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to always remember the importance of “empowering and educating yourself, especially in today’s economy. Take what you are passionate about, and find a way to make a living from it.”

Munowarrah Abdurahman

Munowarrah Abdurahman, 23, is in her second year in the Bachelor of Business Administration degree programme at TSIBA.

Ms Abdurahman said after she matriculated she completed her Islamic studies at the Duran Naim institution for higher Islamic knowledge, in Wynberg. “This is where I met one of my dearest friends named Najma Mohamed Ali. She introduced me and my friend to TSIBA after I did a Google search on prospective affordable universities.

“She told me about the bursaries and gave me a run down on the TSIBA culture. I was awarded a full scholarship and I still am on one,” said Ms Abdurahman.

“I was elected Regional Leader in Africa for PRME (Principles for Responsible Management Education) Global Students (GS), an initiative of the United Nations Global Compact in July and took office in August this year. My duties are to represent students in Africa that belong to the PRME signatory institution as well as connect them to our global network at PRME GS. I am responsible for managing relationships between our networks and the PRME chapter as well as improving our operations at PRME GS in Africa,” said Ms Abdurahman.

She said TSIBA has a leadership style that works in favour of youth looking for a good education but are also still trying to find themselves. “TSIBA guides students to find their purpose and allows them to grow within that purpose so they can go back to their communities and create some much needed positive change.”

Ms Abdurahman hopes to start her internship in the next few months. “I have a love for sustainable development and hope to make a career out of it.”

Ms Abdurahman advised: “We are in charge of what we can achieve and where we will end up one day. There are enough people and institutions out here like TSIBA that have options for us. We just need to find it in ourselves to take the first step and seek out these opportunities.”

“What truly sets TSIBA apart is our unwavering commitment to value the preparation of students with the skills needed for successful careers in an ever-changing world. Towards this, since inception in 2004 TSIBA has produced 1572 business graduates, including 560 Bachelor of Business of Administration in Entrepreneurial Leadership (BBA) Alumni and 1012 Higher Certificate in Business Administration (HCBA) Alumni. TSIBA has also produced eight Mandela Rhodes Scholars, two United Nations PRME Global Student Regional Leaders in Africa, three Kofi Annan Scholars and eight Alan Gray Orbis Foundation Fellows, while maintaining a postgraduate employment rate of above 85%”, said Graham Moore, TSIBA’s executive director: sustainability.