Seminars give youth tools to grow

Grade 10 pupils from Sibelius High School participated in the seminar earlier this month.

A Sibelius High School teacher is hosting seminars to teach pupils about time management.

Enrico Hartman, a teacher and businessman, hosted a seminar for grade 10 pupils themed ‘Procrastination, the thief of time’ at the Lakeview Community Church, in Retreat, on Saturday February 11.

Mr Hartman said he hosted the seminar because many pupils were overwhelmed with the return to mainstream schooling after the Covid-19 pandemic.

His focus was on goal-oriented time management by teaching pupils about prioritising and constructing study time tables.

“I look at the needs of pupils that I teach and base my seminars around that. I give them a holistic view of how they should position themselves on a day-to-day basis because it is so important for them to have structure,” he said.

The seminar was held in Retreat.

“If we don’t believe in each other’s ability then where do we stand as a community,” he said adding that pupils needed to be taught how to listen and communicate properly.

Lee-Ann Mercury was at the seminar and said it was “inspiring”.

“The seminar was so informative and I myself took a lot away from it. My daughter has started applying these skills and it really is working. My daughter’s mindset is changing and in my opinion all learners in all grades should sit in on such seminars because they are vital and it would benefit them immensely.”

Enrico Hartman at the seminar earlier this month.

Fellow teacher Mohammad Allie said the seminar was a phenomenal experience.

“His passion and talent as a teacher, speaker and leader is exceptional and worthy of the highest commendation and respect. He shares true wisdom and practical skills for everyone interested in self development and personal growth, I can see why the learners love and respect him.”