Sensei motivates fitness for 38 years

Hoosain Narker, at age 55, is still keeping himself in shape.

Hoosain Narker has been serving the community as both a karate instructor and motivational author for 38 years.

He will soon be releasing his latest book on technique called Ashihara Karate Sabaki – The Essential Guide to Mastering the Art.

Mr Narker said Ashihara Karate is ideal for children, women and older people, as it does not depend on strength, youth or athleticism.

Because of this, parents and children can train together at his dojo, based at the League of the Friends of the Blind (LOFOB), in Klip Road, Grassy Park, making it a family-oriented dojo.

Other books by Mr Narker include My Karate Odyssey and Rewrote: Taekwondo – the Essential Guide to Mastering the Art.

He has also written technical manuals focusing on teaching, theory tests, preparing for black belt as well as for tournaments.

Mr Narker has not let being partially blind hold him back in any endeavours.

At the age of 55 he will be competing in the Commonwealth Karate Championships, which is taking place in Durban this coming

From small beginnings in a dojo opened in 1980 in Retreat, Mr Narker has grown his membership to hundreds of members locally, with thousands more belonging to his organisation internationally.

To date he has trained and taught in more than 50 countries.

Mr Narker shows interest in his students’ academic progress as well.

“Many parents these days find that, with the distractions of too much television, cellphones and the internet, their children have problems focusing on their school work. Ashihara Karate has helped many of the younger students with this issue. After a year or two, the discipline of a beginner’s karate class turns into self-discipline and the ability to focus on a task,” said Mr Narker.

“Ashihara Karate also helps schoolchildren to become physically fit, which has also become an issue in a world in which many children spend their days either sitting in a classroom or in front of a television or computer monitor.

“Students must submit their school reports which is monitored and that helps them with focusing on and improving their schoolwork otherwise no promotions, etc,” said Mr Narker.

If you have any questions about the Ashihara Karate classes or want to take part in a free trial class, Mr Narker can be contacted at 082 369 6904 or or view their website at