Setting the record straight

Brandon de Kock, treasurer, Heathfield High School governing body

We, the school governing body feel compelled to respond to the inaccuracies presented by the spokesperson of the Western Cape Education Department, Bronagh Hammond, as published in Southern Mail.

Without going into details as certain information could be sub judice, we wish to state that it is absolutely inaccurate that the Head of Education Brian Schreuder did not issue instructions to the principal of Heathfield High to issue letters to the matrics to all return to school with immediate effect.

She states that this instruction was never issued. We have in our possession a copy of the original letter that exposes this ridiculous spin-doctoring.

Maybe Bronagh Hammond must leave her comfortable office and come and spend a week at a township school to gain first-hand experience to report knowledgeably about matters pertaining to education on the ground.