Shining a light on pet care in Lavender Hill

Youth Pet Care founder Nazrudeen Adams, in front, with, back from left, Steenberg Paws founder Maurice Mesias and Youth Pet Care members Taswell van de Vent, Zhaunick Jehoma, Donnay Lombard, Tarryn Adams and Alan Schmaman.

A woman who published a book about her experiences starting an animal- welfare organisation in Ocean View will donate the profits from its sales to a man who is fighting animal cruelty and neglect in Lavender Hill.

Corrine Wilson says she decided to do this after hearing about the work Nazrudeen Adams has done to alleviate animal suffering in Lavender Hill in the past year and a half (“Dog wash in Lavender Hill,” Southern Mail, April 21). Mr Adams’s Youth Pet Care organisation fights animal cruelty, runs a dog wash and also supports struggling pet owners with food and access to veterinary care.

Seven years ago, Ms Wilson and Ingrid de Storie founded 1 Kennel at a Time, a non-profit organisation for needy animals, in Ocean View.

Last year, Ms Wilson wrote a book about her experiences.

“The book, Shine a Light, is the true story of my experiences with Ingrid, walking the back streets of a troubled yet inspirational community and facing a reality I never realised existed.”

In April, Ms Wilson emigrated to the UK, but “I continued to watch from afar, my heart still with the people and animals in Cape Town. It was then, when I heard about the heart-warming efforts of a young man named Nazrudeen, who started an initiative called Youth Pet Care. His enthusiasm is now inspiring young residents in Lavender Hill to join the wave of change and together they are alleviating animal suffering in their community.”

Ms Wilson said she would donate all her book’s profits to Youth Pet Care to help with sterilising animals in Lavender Hill and to buy Mr Adams another bicycle with puncture-proof wheels.

Mr Adams said: “There are times when I cycle to the SPCA in Grassy Park, four times in a day. If I cruise, it takes 25 minutes, but if I’m in a hurry, if it’s an emergency, I can do it in 15.”

Contact Mr Adams at 071 896 9178 or visit to get a copy of the book.