Show us the plans

Keith Blake, Ottery

I have been struggling to get the plans or computerised picture of what the new upgraded houses will look like at Freedom Park in Woodlands Road, Ottery.

I’m asking for these pictures to quell rumours that the new houses are going to be made of zinc sheets and not of brick and mortor.

Keeping back the plans or computerised pictures is causing troublemakers to upset the residents of Freedom Park and the surrounding middle class neighbourhood. Can I have these plans ASAP please?

Councillor Malusi Booi, Mayoral Committee Member for Human Settlements, responds:

The City of Cape Town will be constructing 6x3m steel structures to temporarily accommodate the residents, while we commence with the construction in the existing informal settlement.

Once the construction of the civil and electrical infrastructure has been completed, the City will, in 2022 commence with the construction of affordable accommodation, and relocate the beneficiaries to their housing opportunities.

The City continues to engage with residents through the project steering committee about the progress of the project. The City does not have drawings or computerised images of the opportunities, which we intend building at Freedom Park at this stage, but we will inform beneficiaries and members of the public once these are finalised.

The City communicated with Mr Blake about this on numerous occasions.

The City is finalising the beneficiary verification process in terms of the Housing Subsidy System, as well as the procurement of a service provider to undertake the construction of the opportunities. The number of qualifying beneficiaries will determine the type of structures to be constructed.

We continue to engage with the community throughout this process and we remain committed to engaging with the affected parties regarding this project while endeavouring to balance the needs of residents in surrounding areas.

Should any residents have any queries or concerns, they are encouraged to contact the City. The City thanks the communities for their patience and for working with the City over the years to ensure that this project becomes a reality.