Something for everyone at heritage market

The Heritage Market is held at Princess Vlei every Saturday.

Home-made foods, home-grown plants, arts and crafts and more can be found at The Heritage Market, at Princess Vlei, every Saturday.

The Community ThinkTank, a Grassy Park organisation, launched the market last month, and Robin Oakes, the organisation’s founder, says the outdoor market is family friendly and reflects the area’s rich heritage and culture.

“The market provides ongoing family-centric events which reminds us of our links to our local environment, local traditions and customs, local heritage and local sense of community.”

He added: “We want to taste local family recipes, be moved by local artworks, stories, music, graphic and print, film, poetry and dance works; be inspired by local handmade clothing, quilting, knitting, jewellery, home-ware, woodwork, body products, mosaics, metal work and much more local handcraft; and to be rejuvenated by the home-grown produce of local home food gardeners.

“We expect more local schoolchildren to join the few youth entrepreneurs who are already trading at the market.”

Bridget Pitt, spokesperson for Princess Vlei Forum, said: “A community market has long been on the wish list of the communities surrounding the Greater Princess Vlei Conservation Area. We think this is a great use of the space and fits in with our vision of Princess Vlei as a nature and heritage park serving both the environment and the community.

“We believe this will contribute to creating sustainable livelihoods for local communities, and will enable the expression of local character and culture, while also generating some revenue to contribute to the improvement of Princess Vlei. We support the initiative by the Community ThinkTank and look forward to the market finding a regular place on the Princess Vlei calendar.”

For more information, call or WhatsApp 072 307 1963 or email or visit

Market organiser Althea Oakes, right, chats to vendor Avril Ward of Grassy Park.