Soup kitchen looks ahead

Boundaries Neighbourhood Watch members Gavin Walbrugh and Derrick Siebritz feeding people in Hillview.

Boundaries Neighbourhood Watch, in Retreat, has been hosting a feeding scheme in Hillview, Lavender Hill, for the past five years.

The feeding scheme initially started along the Main Road in Retreat but there did not appear to be a great need for it in this area.

The soup kitchen project was then relocated to Hillview, an area affected by unemployment, crime, gangsterism as well as drug and alcohol abuse.

Boundaries Neighbourhood Watch, a registered NPO, could not secure any significant sponsors for the project during the early stages and the operation was mostly funded by its members.

The soup kitchen is run every Saturday, from April to September, and feeds between 800 and 1 000 adults and children every week.

It is coordinated by Gavin Walbrugh and Derrick Siebritz who have been involved in the project since it started.

Mr Walbrugh and Mr Siebritz hope to host the feeding scheme in Hillview for at least another five years.

The organisation thanked all their sponsors, which include Shireen Ross from Grassy Park, Joanne Joshua from Saudi Arabia for her stipend, the Bethany Assembly Church and the TGIF Mens Group from Durbanville. For more information and to make a contribution, call Mr Walbrugh on 021 528 3700.