SPCA doors stay open

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA is still caring for animals.

The Cape of Good Hope SPCA in Grassy Park has assured that its doors will remain open during the country’s lockdown.

Twenty-three of the facility’s most experienced staff, including a qualified veterinarian, are staying at the facility during the 21-day lockdown that started on Friday March 27 to take care of over 300 animals at the facility.

Spokesperson Belinda Abraham said the staff were giving up their home comforts and leaving their families to ensure that the animals on-site were well cared for and to ensure that sick and critically injured animals could still be assisted during this time.

She said the plan was to lay rows of mattresses down for the staff to sleep on but thanks to some good-hearted helpers from FleetStar Film Trailers and Vehicles who sponsored caravan-style dwellings, the staff were housed in comfort and privacy.

“Our hearts remain full and our spirits remain encouraged because we’ve seen first-hand the wonderful spirit of unity that is shared all over South Africa. We know that no matter what lays ahead for us, South Africa will be working together to beat Covid-19.

“We only want you to concern yourself with staying healthy at this time. We are here for the animals, please don’t worry. Our main switchboard will still be functional so please call if you need us. Our website will also provide you with updated information and of course you can follow us on social media for regular updates from the front line,” said Ms Abraham.

The SPCA is considered an essential service and vets are available to assist critically ill and injured animals, the vet shop will be restocked and opened, adoption queries and applications are still being accepted via telephone and email and they’ll confirm adopters after the lockdown and stray animals will still be collected and cared for, Ms Abraham said.

The SPCA can be contacted at 021 700 4140 or after hours on 083 326 1604.