Spelling it out

Top achiever in the spelling bee, Waseem Jacobs, received a gold medal.

Grade 6 and Grade 7 Al Azhar Primary School pupils had the daunting but exciting task of competing at their annual spelling bee on Tuesday August 23.

Mogamat Issack, a Grade 7 teacher who organised the competition, believes being able to spell is important for children as it improves their language skills and also helps them read and understand other subjects such as science, geography and history.

“A spelling bee improves their spelling ability,” said Mr Issack.

He said the children enjoyed themselves despite being nervous while taking part in front of their parents.

He said although the spelling bee was only for Grade 6 and Grade 7 pupils this year, in future they will be entering the lower grades such as Grade 4 and Grade 5 pupils as well. “We may have it the whole day and spruce it up a little in the form of a buffet or eat and treat, next year,” said Mr Issack.