Sporting good traits

Principal Denver Cloete with pupils representing various countries.

Sullivan Primary School brought some “gees” last week when they held an opening ceremony for their own Sullivan’s World Cup 2018.

Principal Denver Cloete shared a bit of the history of the Soccer World Cup and the motto of “fairplay” was introduced to the pupils on Wednesday May 23.

Mr Cloete said sportsmanship was a priority in Sullivan’s World Cup.

The “tournament” will run similar to world cup rules with regards to fixtures, points and captains but winning teams or nations will be chosen from various categories such most disciplined, sportsmanship, friendliness and best cheerleaders.

“The point system does not apply in this world cup as the objective is for our learners to develop the skill of fairplay, sportsmanship and to enjoy the sporting code of soccer,” said Mr Cloete.

All the captains and pupils of the different nations were able to represent their nation on stage with flags and face painting. Cheerleaders then ended the assembly with some dancing and cheering.