Standing up for the people of Palestine

People from all over Cape Town held placards in solidarity with the Palestinians.

Cape Town Ulama Board (CTUB) members in Cape Town gathered alongside Strandfontein Road last week for a picket in solidarity with the people of Palestine during International Aqsa Week.

About 250 people including Cape Town Ulama Board and Cape Town Islamic Education Centre (CTIEC) members, activists and ordinary citizens carried placards and flags while chanting slogans to free Palestine.

Cape Town Ulama Board secretary general, Sayed Ridhwaan Mohamed said CTUB and CTIEC took part in the International Aqsa week by hosting daily events for the public.

“This event is one that forms part of a broader battle against Israel’s oppression against our Palestinian people. The Palestinians are facing conditions very similar to the ones our freedom fighters faced during the apartheid regime and through our nationwide efforts this week, we hope to get support from the international community to continue educating the masses on the reality of what’s happening in Palestine.”