Stationery drive

The late Stacey-Lee Philander

The Human Dignity Restoration Foundation, a non-profit organisation based in Ottery, and founded in memory of 13-year-old Stacey-lee Philander, who was murdered almost 21 years ago, will be having a school supply stationery drive, at Trenchtown, 145 Lower Main Road, in Observatory, on Saturday June 4, at 6pm.

Lindsay Philander, founder of the NPO, and cousin of Stacey-Lee said she started the organisation because Stacey-Lee loved school and Ms Philander made a vow to help school children in need.

Ms Philander said the aim of the drive was to empower children in need by helping after-school care organisations.

People are invited to donate reading books, stationery including pencils, glue stick, mathematics sets, scissors and rulers.

For more information contact Ms Philander on 083 743 6211 or email