Stationery drive helps pupils in need

Pupils who have received their stationery parcels.

A non-profit organisation (NPO) is asking businesses to assist them with a stationery drive.

Some Vrygrond parents could breathe a sigh of relief last week after WhereRainbowsMeet
Training and Development Foundation partnered with company AfricanEmpowermentEquity Investments (AEEI) to hand out stationery to pupils.

The annual stationery drive took place at the NPO in Vrygrond on Wednesday January 9 and
Thursday January 10 when 500 pupils got their packs.

More parents have come forward to ask the organisation for stationery.

Kyle Cupido, co-ordinator for the organisation, said: “There is a huge outcry and need for initiatives like these as stationery
is pricey, especially in these low
or no income homes. The majority
of the children who collected stationery come from Vrygrond,
Hill and other surrounding communities.

“We are still pleading today to companies who would like to support this initiative to assist these communities’ children with stationery for school,” he said.

* If you are able to help, call Where Rainbows Meet on 021 205 3496.