Steenberg schoolgirl wins hero award

Michelle Jacobs won an award for her respectfulness.

A 14-year-old Steenberg schoolgirl has won an award for her respectfulness and sheer determination.

Michelle Jacobs received the award in the Pick n Pay Hero Awards competition a few weeks ago, along with eight other pupils from primary schools across South Africa for inspiring deeds they have done.

The awards are given annually to pupils who had a positive impact in their community, overcame hardship or demonstrated leadership.

Michelle, a Grade 8 pupil at Steenberg High School, was still in Grade 5 at Steenberg Primary when she was nominated for the award for being respectful, honouring other people and treating them with dignity and consideration.

Steenberg Primary teacher Dawn Johnson, Michelle Jacobs and principal Daniel Jansen.

She captured the hearts of her teachers with her demeanour and outlook on life. Her teacher, Dawn Johnson, said Michelle was the most respectful human being she had ever come across.

Teacher Bilkees Ahmed said: “She is a very dedicated young lady who comes from hardship, but she doesn‘t let that stop her.

“She’s extremely bright and has wonderful potential. She’s always willing to learn and was resilient walking to and from school in the rain and heat, which was quite a distance, without complaining.”