Still sparkling at 100 years old

Adriane Joemat at her 100-year bash.

Adriane “Jane” Joemat is a 100 years old but in person she does not look a year older than 80, still radiating a naughty twinkle in her eyes.

The family celebrated her birthday at Fairview Primary School hall, on Tuesday September 17.

Born in Genadendal, she met her husband Isak “Sakkie” Joemat from Elim. Her husband had been a nurse, and they settled in Grassy Park 65 years ago, when the area still had sandy roads and bush.

After her husband died in 2000, Ms Joemat’s daughter and a carer took over the responsibility of taking care of her. And apart from being a little forgetful at times, she is still of sound mind.

Ms Joemat was an avid gardener and brags about her beautiful Christmas flowers which she used to grow.

Ms Joemat not only took care
of her family but also the com-
munity and often baked for the church.

All six of her children attended EC Primary School, and in winter, when the roads were wet and muddy, they remember having to use a detour to get to school.

Ms Joemat had sound advice which kept her going during her lifetime. “Do your daily chores and do not postpone your work until tomorrow. Make sure your house is clean, even if you do not get visitors. Cook your own food instead of buying take-aways. Home-cooked meals are better.”

And, she added: “Drink lots of water.”

She said it was important to show respect for one’s parents. “I listened to my parents and did everything they asked me to do and I was a very obedient child. It is important for the family to communicate with each other. We are a family who are not cross with each other because we respect and love each other. Los die skinder stories en moenie skinder van mekaar nie (do not gossip).”

She said she loved cooking, baking and sewing.

Her daughters can attest to that and said she had always been a busy woman and she was also very strict. “We were given a hiding when we needed it. And look at us today.”

Ms Joemat maintained she had to be strong in faith and go to church regularly. “Be honest with yourself then your life will be right.”

Her advice to school children is simple: “Always be friendly and listen to your teachers.”

And to adults, she said: “You have to have a high regard for your job and you shouldn’t steal.”

Where boyfriends are concerned, she noted: “I met my boyfriend sitting on a bench at the station. I looked him up and down and I walked towards him. He invited me to sit next to him on the bench where we started to chat.”

She said he was a well-groomed gentleman and he offered to buy her an ice-cream. “I said if you want one then I will have one.”

She said they spoke a lot about the church and “he invited me to his church”.

She said not long after their meeting they got married, “hush, hush.” And the rest is history.