Stop bullying

Keith Blake, Ottery

This is a open letter to the MECs for safety, social development and education and every station commander of SAPS.

This morning (Friday February 1) at about 7.30am I heard a loud car hooting in Dick Burton Road, Plumstead, and on further investigation I saw a number of Plumstead High School pupils standing against the fence inside the school with posters they had made protecting looking for support against bullying.

It was truly an amazing sight and my young grandson Daniel who was a passenger in my car stated, “Oupa I support this as I am so against bullying”.

These words and the pupils’ protest got me thinking and I want to propose that the above mentioned MECs and station commanders plan a provincial protest by pupils in every school with their own worded and made protest posters on a Friday in a certain time frame and asked that we the public blow their hooters or sign a petition with their supporting comments.

Here the media must come on board big time to report this event and it must be held twice a year. There must also before the protest against bullying be requested short powerful worded songs or slogans so that the bullies can read and hear the call that their bullying will not be tolerated.

A relevant quote to enhance my proposal by Unknown – “If you turn and face the other way when someone is being bullied, then you might as well be the bully”.