Stop rezoning our breadbasket

Keith Alfred Adolph Blake, Ottery

This is an open letter to the premier of the Western Cape and her applicable officials who are tasked with agriculture and urban and housing development and to the population of the Western Cape.

It seems there is a bulldog determination to rezone the breadbasket of the Western Cape, the Philippi Horticultural Area (PHA), into a housing development.

Despite the call by the residents who farm in that area that they cannot allow housing development to take place on this fertile ground with the biggest underground lake in Africa, , there seems to be a demonic fervour by officials to rezone this bread basket to allow housing.

Precious, fertile farm land will be lost and the area could become polluted with human sewage.

We are demanding a stop to the rezoning of this area and the people of Cape Town cannot keep quiet.

You cannot allow a few people to pick up the banner of righteousness in our communities, your silence is going to cost you very dearly and we want the ombudsman of Cape Town to investigate this issue before some short-
sighted officials cause starvation and mayhem on the population.

We salute those who are vehemently protesting this rezoning and your voice must and will be heard as is your constitutional right.

A quote by Tierra Kessler: “An industry that feeds you is an industry worth fighting for.”