Stray bullets kill man, 25

Mikhail Amos was gunned down.

Residents of Parkwood and Lotus River were in shock after a young man was shot in a notorious thoroughfare on Saturday.

According to family, Mikhail Amos, 25, was on his way to his brother when gunmen, believed to be gang members, in a white bakkie opened fire in Dove Road and into a lane that runs between Dove Road and Cuckoo Crescent.

Mikhail, who was struck by stray bullets, ran to a family member in Dove Road and told her he had been shot.

Lillian Kayster said Mikhail, her second cousin, came running into their yard after several shots were fired.

“Just as we got to him a few more shots were fired and we had to run inside. He said he was shot and I asked him where and he said in his stomach. There wasn’t a lot of blood but we could only see the wound in his stomach – we did not see the wound that probably killed him which was a shot to the heart,” she said.

Granville van der Ross said he was in Dove Road at about 7.30pm when the shots rang out.

“Someone shot at a house in the road and then he shot down the (lane) and fired several more shots and then the bakkie sped off.

“Mikhail ran into our yard and said he was shot. He told us he was shot in the stomach but we didn’t know about the bullet hole in his chest. Not long after he left for the hospital we got word that he had died,” said Mr Van der Ross.

Mikhail died on his way to Victoria hospital. He would have celebrated his 26th birthday next Sunday. He had been studying fitting and turning at False Bay College and was finishing his apprenticeship.

Sister Andrea Amos said her brother was a true gem and looked out for her and her siblings since their mom died when they were younger. “He was my everything, the best brother and best friend any girl could ask for. I can’t put into words what he meant for this family and what he meant to me, he was just the best,” said an emotional Andrea.

Since the shooting, tributes have been pouring in on Facebook and other social media platforms for the avid soccer player .

Bronwyn Benn Filemon said: “I’m still lost (for) words, the saying goes that if you live by the gun you die by it but never were you a gunman. Never were you able to hurt a fly, nor a human being. Never have you deserve to die such a horrible death, for the type of person that you were.”

Francis du Plessis said: “You will always live in our hearts cause you have touched so many. You were loved and adored by everyone you’ve met in your life,” and Devon Jacobs said: “Such a Wonderful Innocent person that was taken away from many loved ones. You will be missed Mikhail”.

Lieutenant Colonel Christian Esau from Grassy Park police said no arrests had been made and encouraged anyone with information to contact the station to assist with the investigation.

“There was a shooting in Parkwood and Ottery on Saturday. The person shot in Parkwood was not a gangster and we are investigating the murder case,” he said.

Colonel Esau added that there is a lot of tension between gangs on the Cape Flats.

“At the moment we don’t believe there is a gang war but rather sporadic shootings. Parkwood has become a problem.”

Colonel Esau confirmed that the thoroughfare is where gang members live and peddle drugs and he believes another gang intended to shoot those gangsters.

Anyone with information about the incident that could lead to the arrest of the suspects can contact Constable Barron on 082 411 3120, contact Crime Stop 08600 10 111 or 021 700 3940.