Sub-council mourns death of ward assistant

Sub-council 18 and the greater Lotus River community are mourning the death of ward assistant Jillian Wilkinson.

Ms Wilkinson, 42, collapsed and died on Monday March 22. Her death has been attributed to natural causes and she was buried on Saturday March 27.

In a tribute to Ms Wilkinson, Ward 65 councillor Patricia van der Ross wrote: “My best friend, my right hand man, my wingman. Jillian was a phenomenal woman of God.

“She worked hard, played hard and prayed hard. She had this unconditional love for her family and everything she did in her life was to please, support and help her family.

“Despite what anyone says, to Jilla it mattered what her family thought of her. And that’s the reason she worked so hard was to make them proud.

“Myself and Jillian shared almost everything and we did almost everything together. We could sit for hours in each other’s company and not say a word.

“She was an amazing administrator, she could read a room and could break the ice easily with one of her sayings.

“Our travels were the best. We went places locally, nationally and internationally. We found peace in the presence of God.

“Although I have stories dating back (more than) 25 years, how she put me in my place, how we struggled, stories of all her pain, what is important is that she has a seat at the table of the most high.”