Sub-council officials ready to serve community

There was a large turn-out at the meeting.

Sub-council 18 held its first meeting of the year on Thursday January 24.

The monthly meeting is where plans, service delivery requests, building and planning applications, fault reporting, complaints and other municipal matters that affect the various wards in the sub-council are discussed.

Decisions are then made through a majority vote by the sub-council committee.

Wards 63, 65, 66, 67, 68 and 110 are represented in Sub-council 18.

Representatives of the sub-council include ward councillors, proportional represantative councillors, the sub-council chairperson and the sub-council manager.

At the meeting sub-council chairperson Shannen Rossouw ensured that officials and councillors are ready to take on any issues in the sub-council.

“This year we are reminded of the important work that lies ahead to ensure that we serve the people of Cape Town with dedication and continuous commitment. This year, as a sub-council I would like to take a hands-on approach when it comes to long outstanding issues and target low hanging
fruit projects with officials in the City of Cape Town,” said Ms Rossouw.

She asked councillors to compile a list of any unresolved issues that there were in the sub-council so they could deal with it collectively.

“We will be holding officials accountable for all service delivery complaints that are not actioned,” she said.

Some of the issues that will be concentrated on include high water bills, no water, blocked drains, illegal dumping, the time it takes for a service complaint to be resolved and unkempt private open spaces that could be a health hazard.

Ms Rossouw said housing developments are also high on the agenda and advised residents that only those on the housing waiting list will be considered.

“Project steering committees were formed for wards 67 and 68 and we patiently await the progress of a project steering committee being formed for the housing project within Ward 110. Having said this, I would like all Capetonians to know that the City of Cape Town only has one database and only individuals who are high on the waiting list will qualify for a housing opportunity.

“There is no short-cut to receiving a house from our database therefore we appeal to all residents not to make any cash payments to any individuals with the promise of receiving a home. It should go without saying that if it is not a ward councillor and City official discussing the housing opportunity, the authenticity of what is being promised to residents should be questioned.”

She said the City will not ask for a fee for their services and said anyone being promised a house for a deposit should report the fraudster to the police, ward councillor or sub-council office.

Safety and security is also a focus. Last year two camera rooms were launched in wards 110 and 68.

“This is due to astute phased planning of ward allocation funding over financial years as well as the commitment and dedication of our neighbourhood watches to ensure that our ward areas are safe, and the working relationship with police and Metro police, who have helped us plan such safety measures for our area. I would like to see that Sub-council 18 continues to plan and grow safety projects in all areas of the sub-council,” she said.

Ms Rossouw wished all residents, officials and others in the sub-council well for 2019. “I trust that we will work hand in hand to ensure that services are brought closer to our people,” she said.