Take that step and get your matric certificate

Two community organisations have joined forces to help people improve their basic education qualification.

The Community and Training Centre at the New World Foundation (NWF) in Grindal Avenue, Lavender Hill, and the Capricorn Learning Centre (CLC) in Vrygrond Avenue, Capricorn, have formed a partnership and created the opportunity for community members to attend matric or Adult Basic Education and Training (ABET) classes at a low cost.

Each year three different matric subjects are offered at NWF. This term, English, business studies and mathematical science will be offered.

In order to get your matric certificate, six subjects must be passed. Classes offered will change every year. If you take three subjects a year, you will be able to get your matric certificate in two years. It is possible
to sign up for less than three subjects, if you have already passed some matric subjects.

Registration is now open and the registration fee is R150 a term. The evening night classes are Mondays to Thursdays, from 6pm to 9pm. Classes start on Monday September 4.

When registering you are required to take two certified copies of your ID, your last school report and proof of address.

If you have have left school before passing Grade 9, you can register for the ABET classes at NWF first to earn your Grade 9 certificate. Registration for ABET classes will start in November and ABET classes will start in January 2018. Registration also costs R150.

Call Thandiswa Ntisa on 076 219 1769 or visit NWF Mondays to Thursdays from 6pm to 8pm to register.