Taking a stand

Ward 63 councillor Monty Oliver, subcouncil manager Fred Monk, ward 66 councillor William Akim, PR councillor Elgan Fortune and in the front row is PR councillor Siva Moodley, PR councillor Rosemary Rau, ward 65 councillor Patricia Van Der Ross, secretary Levina Harrison, admin officer Rochelle Alberts, subcouncil chairperson Shanen Rossouw and ward 67 councillor Gerry Gordon.

Sub-council 18 took a stand against gender-based violence last week with a silent protest. Councillors and other staff from the sub-council stood along 5th Avenue in Lotus River on Thursday September 19. Sub-council chairperson Shanen Rossouw said the protest was held to raise awareness about the increased killings and rapes that have plagued the city. “I stand firmly behind the ‘enough is enough’ movement and the fight against abuse and gender-based violence and violence against children,” she said. The group stood with their placards after the sub-council meeting.