Taking note

Keith Blake, Ottery

Firstly I want to address the wording used by politicians when referring to gender-based violence directed or being committed against some of our women and children.
No one – not even the state president – can say that we must “stop” gender-based violence and then announce, none on this earth can stop gender-based violence but we must try.
The wording must be “try” and not “stop”.
The politicians must be very careful about what they are saying because legal experts can break down every word and hold those uttering or writing statements to account to their detriment or advantage, depending on the interpretation.
Secondly, I want to propose the following measures which no one speaks about, and that is gaining intelligence information by interviewing the suspects and criminals who are guilty of gender-based violence, and getting to the reasons why they commit their crimes.

The surviving victims must be included in this intelligence-gathering interviews to ascertain what facts if any led to them being victims of gender-based violence.
The results of this intelligence-gathering interviews can be analysed and the information and or facts or trends can be divulged so that we can prevent further crimes being committed.
Intelligence is knowledge and is better than silence.