Taking off the teaching hat after 40 years

Teachers Selma Langeveldt, Farida Mohamed, Fareeda Abrahams and Fadiah Abass.

Professional, committed, passionate and loyal – these are just some of the words that were used to describe veteran Levana Primary School teacher, Fareeda Abrahams.

Ms Abrahams will be hanging up her teacher’s hat after dedicating more than 40 years of her life to the profession.

She started teaching at Levana Primary School in 1976 after two years of teaching at Floreat Primary School in Steenberg.

School principal André Lamprecht has only known Ms Abrahams since his appointment at the school two years ago but said her departure “will definitely” leave a void.

“Ms Abrahams is one of the main arteries of Levana Primary School and her departure will definitely be felt.

“Some of our pupils aren’t very easy to deal with but Ms Abrahams has shown over the past 40 years that she is committed and has gone the extra mile not only for pupils but also for other staff. She’s a special type of person and will be dearly missed by everyone at the school,”said Mr Lamprecht.

Ms Abrahams, who lives in Mitchell’s Plain, will be leaving at the end of the school term in December after teaching every grade, from foundation phase to senior phase.

Asked what prompted her to take the plunge this year, Ms Abrahams said she’s served her time to the best of her ability.

“Forty years is a lifetime to some and I think I did my fair share at Levana Primary School. My goal was to retire at 42, then it changed to 50 then it changed to 55 and now I’m 60 and I cannot postpone any longer and this seems like the right time to go,” said Ms Abrahams.

Asked what her highlights were, she said the most rewarding part of her job was to see children who’ve been at the school succeed and become responsible and successful adults.

“It’s all about the children. Myself and the other teachers at our school strive to make young ladies and gentlemen out of the ones who are put in our care.

“I got up in the morning, I gave as much as I could to ensure the success of pupils in my care. Now I have done my part so it is time for me to leave,”said Ms Abrahams.

The soon-to-be retiree will not completely abandon the school – she will still be helping out if the school needs help.

“My wish for the school is that they
grow from strength to strength and that the teachers continue their hard work so that the children of Lavender Hill can get the opportunities they deserve,” said Ms Abrahams.

“My wish for the pupils is that they follow their dreams and when they are successful for them to come back to the school and plough back so that there will be a cycle of good role models in our communities,” said Ms Abrahams.

Mr Lamprecht wished Ms Abrahams well in all her future endeavours.