Teen goes missing from Bergvliet home

Saskia Pofadder has been missing for more than a week after she left her aunt’s Bergvliet home on Wednesday January 3. Picture: supplied

A 17-year-girl has been missing since Wednesday morning January 3 when she left her aunt’s Bergvliet home, say police.

Faranaaz Constant says her niece, Saskia Pofadder, and other relatives from Seawinds visited her for a New Year’s Day lunch, and Saskia stayed over that night and again on Tuesday January 2, but she left on Wednesday following a row and never returned.

“I was working from home last week when I asked her where she was going. When she said she’s going to go to town to see the minstrels, I said it was a bit too early for her to leave the house. Past seven is way too early for a 17-year-old girl to be going to town by herself.

“I have a 17-year-old daughter myself and I didn’t want her roaming around outside by herself. She got a little bit upset with me and cried. I told her she needed to come in because she was halfway out the door already. She didn’t really want to; I tried to stop her from leaving, and she shrugged me off. She eventually came back inside again, but after a few minutes of me trying to talk to her, she left, and we have not seen her since,” said a visibly upset Ms Constant.

Ms Constant informed her mother, Magdalene Pofadder, Saskia’s legal guardian, about what had happened.

“I was concerned because she left in a huff and a puff. I said my mommy must just let me know when she arrives at the house just so I can have peace of mind, and my mom said not to worry she will do so.

“She didn’t reach my mommy’s house, and she didn’t come back to my place as well. Her clothes and stuff are still at my house. She didn’t pack clothes with her.”

According to a Pink Ladies missing child alert, Saskia is 1.53m tall and weighs about 55-60kg. She has brown eyes and black shoulder-length hair. She has a scar on her top left arm and was last seen wearing a turquoise mini-top with short sleeves, grey tights, a large oversized jacket and black flip-flops.

Her aunt describes Saskia as a happy, talkative person who easily makes friends.

“She has not done something like this ever. She has never walked off and not come back. She would always check in with my mom because my mom is her guardian.”

Gender-based-violence activist Lucinda Evans is helping with the search and is appealing to Bergvliet, Kirstenhof and Heathfield residents to check their security camera footage.

“I drove yesterday and I saw there are quite a bit of cameras down Dreyersdal Road. Saskia left Dreyersdal Road between 7 and 8am. I am looking for footage to help the police to see which direction she walked in. Did she walk towards Zwaanswyk? Did she walk towards Wynberg? Did she get into a taxi? There are no clues at this point in time. There is not even a point to start the search. It is almost a week.”

Kirstenhof police confirmed that a missing person report had been registered. The case was handed to the Wynberg Family Child Sexual Offences Unit for further investigation. Contact that unit at 021 799 1336 or 082 334 8340 or Ms Evans at 081 746 9889 if you have relevant information.