Telkom removes cell mast

Telkom removing the cell mast in Heathfield on Thursday August 6.

It was a victory for the community and the City of Cape Town as Telkom removed the cell mast in Heathfield, on Thursday August 6. 

Ward councillor Kevin Southgate shared the news,
after residents won the fight to have the cell mast removed in a “protracted court battle”, last year. 
After three years of petitioning and advocating
against the erection of a mast in Fourth Road in Heathfield, residents were relieved when the Supreme
Court of Appeal ruled that Telkom could not install cell masts without approval from the City of Cape
Telkom installed the cell mast at a house without applying to the City or implementing the
proper public participation procedures. 
The judgment was delivered on Wednesday September 25 after an appeal lodged by Telkom when
the Western Cape High Court ruled in the City’s favour which affirmed the Municipal Planning
By-law (MPBL) and the Telecommunications Mast Infrastructure Policy that service providers are
constitutionally mandated to apply to the City before erecting cell masts