Thaafir to represent SA at international competition

Sheigh Zahir Kamaldien is pictured with Adnaan, Thaafir and Fatima Jacobs.

A Schaapkraal student of the Qur’an, Thaafir Jacobs, 12, will be representing South Africa at the finals in Qatar where the seventh year of the Tijan Annour International Qur’an competition will be held, on Monday February 26.

According to Marhaba Qatar’s information guide, the Tijan Annour’s competition provides children with the opportunity not only to develop their talents, but to earn honour and recognition while doing so.

Tijan Annour has played a tremendous role in encouraging
children to perfect their knowledge and recitation skills of the Qu’ran.

According to Thaafir’s teacher Sheigh Zahir Kamaldien at his madrassa(school),Jam’iyyah Al-Khairiyyah, in Schaapkraal, the first qualifying round was held in Cape Town where Thaafir came first in November last year.

“In the second round, which was held in Qatar, he came 26th out of 800 participants and he was judged based on a video sent to Qatar of his reciting of the Qur’an.”

In Qatar in the last two rounds participants will be narrowed down from 51 to 15, to nine, then five and then the top three

Mr Kamaldien, said Thaafir was the first South African to make it to the finals.

“Each country will represent their traditional culture and Thaafir will represent the Cape Malay.”

Thaafir’s father Adnaan, who will be travelling with him, said: “I am very proud of my first-born son, because he has three older sisters.”

His wife Fatima said: “Sheigh Kamaldien saw the potential in Thaafir and he suggested we put him in the Hifs school in 2016.”

Thaafir not only loves reciting the Qur’an but also “loves playing soccer and he loves horse riding.”