Thanks so much

Edward Cloete, Steenberg

I am a renal patient and have been on dialysis for the last seven years.

On Thursday June 8 I was at Tokai Melomed to have a CT scan done and thereafter I went to see the oncologist. I need a biopsy to see if any cancer has returned.

My left kidney was removed due to it being cancerous and my right kidney also does not function, therefore, I have dialysis three times a week at four hours a session.

On completion of the appointment, I decided to take a slow walk home, which is about 1.5km away.

I was feeling good but to my dismay I struggled.

When I arrived in Symphony Avenue, I was tired, my blood pressure had dropped and I could hardly see.

I sat down on the pavement and then after a little while a lady who lives opposite the road where I was sitting came over to enquire about my well-being.

I then told her how I was feeling and her husband or brother also came to assist. They then helped me into their home.

At this time my wife was on her way with my wheelchair to fetch me as I had called her to inform her of my situation.

I would just like to thank those good Samaritans who assisted me and saw that I was alright.

I only remember the gentleman’s name is Brian and unfortunately, don’t remember the name of the lady.

I am thrilled that we still have folks out there who look out for their neighbours, as folks today have become very self-centered.

So once again thank you Brian and wife for your kindness and support.

God bless you.