Time to meet political promises

Keith Blake, Ottery

All political parties that have won the right to represent the public in Parliament must realise that their officials now have the greatest task in their careers.

No matter who voted for what political party, the secret ballot will be used as a personal tool to state “I voted you into power”, and they are now demanding that political promises be met.

Now every political billboard’s slogan, every media briefing,
every political rally and every home visit, every political action and promise will and can be used for and against politicians and their officials.

This past election must be seen as a last chance. Time has run out. People want service delivery, they want houses, they want work, they want education and health services, they want crime prevention and justice.

They want the punishment to fit the crime, and they want those guilty of all mismanagement, state capture and corruption to be prosecuted – as promised – and stolen state monies recovered.

There is an almost dangerous task ahead for those voted into political power as non compliance and broken promises are going to be truly punished by the voters with extreme violence.

The political parties voted in have to be constitutionally bold and brave in fulfilling their promises this time round.