Toddler dies in Hillview fire

Several people were left homeless and a toddler died in a fire in Aster Street, Hillview.

An inquest docket has been opened and is being investigated by Muizenberg police following a fire that led to the death of an 18 month-old boy in Hillview.

Four shacks and a house were destroyed in the fire, which started just before 1pm in Aster Street, Hillview on Saturday.

Wynberg, Constantia, Mitchell’s Plain and Ottery fire brigades were on the scene, according to City Fire and Rescue Services spokesman Jermaine Carelse.

“The first arriving officer confirmed a dwelling burning and that a person was reported missing. The body of the baby boy was burnt beyond recognition and he was declared deceased at approximately 2pm.”

Four children and 17 adults were displaced and the fire was extinguished at about 2.39pm.

The cause of the fire was still unknown, said Mr Carelse.

Ward 45 councillor Mandy Marr was at scene on Saturday to help the fire victims.

“The father had just gone across the road and the mother had just laid her son down to sleep and went into the main house. Someone then screamed that there was a fire, and by the time they looked, the flames were already coming out of the dwelling. It all happened very fast,” said Ms Marr.

The father of the toddler had run inside to save his son but he had been pushed back by the flames and had suffered burns, she said.

“It is a terrible tragedy, and we are trying to assist in whatever way we can and also to make sure that the family receives trauma counselling, which SAPS Muizenberg have made available to the family.”

Ward 45 councillor Mandy Marr is appealing for donations to help victims of a fire in Hillview in which an 18-month-old child died.

Requests have also been made to assist all those who were displaced with clothes, blankets, food and other much needed items.

“We ask anyone who is able to donate clothes and goods to everyone affected to please get in contact with us. We also appeal for monetary contributions to assist with the funeral of the 18 month old.”

Muizenberg police spokesman Captain Stephen Knapp said: “The body of a one-year-old was discovered in the ruins. The inquest docket is being investigated. The cause of the fire is unknown and no arrests have been affected.”

Anyone willing to donate can contact the councillor at 084 731 3339.