Tribute to Ottery stalwart

Andy Murie was a loved and respected in Ferness Estate.

Monty Oliver, Ward 63 councillor

In memory of a Ward 63 community stalwart, Andy Murie the best community activist I ever had the pleasure of meeting and working with.

Andy had a lot of love and heart in that stocky frame of his. He loved his community dearly. He loved his family. Of all the folks in this area, Andy called me the most often and not for one moment did I mind for I knew his intentions were always honourable.

He was like a bulldog once he had picked up an issue in the community. He not only worked here in Ferness Estate, Ottery.

He also helped out on the Philippi farms, Flippie Mohr and other farmers will sincerely miss him.

When there were electricity outages, Andy would phone but not before he himself had called the City and received a reference number for me to follow up on. Andy of course was probably responsible for more than 50% of the neighbourhood watch work done in the area, going out many a night with his dog Milo. They were inseparable.

Over the Christmas season Andy used to dress up as Father Christmas and with his signature beard this role really suited him. He used to give out toys all over Cape Town, from Wynberg Batts Road Park to the Waterfront. Giving to others certainly was part of his generous nature.

Andy also had a naughty streak. Hy het ‘n lekker laggie gehad. He used to tell us how he would sometimes use a blue lamp siren when out at night and he would just see the criminals, strollers scatter. Even during elections, Andy would arrive at 6am, put up the gazebo for me and start driving around reminding people to come out to vote.

We also shared a love for the beautiful game of rugby. In short I am proud to say that I had such a lot in common with him. The good book reminds us that when a great man has passed on… a cedar has fallen.

Finally, I am reminded of the words taken out from Shakespeare’s play about Julius Caesar: – “The elements of life were so well mixed in him that all of nature must rise up and say there goes a man.”

Andy our friend, my friend you will never be forgotten. You were one of a kind.