Triple M’s

Triple Ms, from left, Marie Williams, Magdalena Rosier and Marianne Lindoor, feeding over 60 children in New Horizon.

They call them the Triple M’s because all of their names start with an M and they are also great neighbours. Marie Williams, Magdalena Rosier and Marianne Lindoor are also known for the work they do in the community of New Horizon. Out of the goodness of their hearts, they have been handing out bowls of soup or plates of food to children and adults every Wednesday at 3pm since 2016. Ms Williams saw the need to feed the residents and her two trusted neighbours, Ms Rosier and Ms Lindoor, assisted her and have never left her side. On Thursday November 15 they had an early Christmas treat for the children, serving breyani and handing out party packs. Ms Williams said they dug deep into their pockets to make food and surprised the children with some extra popcorn packets.