Try to feed everyone

A community feeding scheme during the lockdown.

Keith Blake, community activist, Ottery

One reads almost daily how government food parcels are being wrongly directed and, in some cases, mismanaged.

You don’t have to be a genius to realise 50 parcels in an informal settlement of 200 families won’t stretch much. The question right there is who gets those food parcels?

Give those 50 parcels to an established soup kitchen in the area and they can use the ingredients to make enough food for all who need.

Doing this will stop parcel recipients who do not know what to make with their parcels, some selling it for drugs and other evil vices.

I and many others who know the needs of the community have been feeding the poor for many years without fanfare. With support from donors and using money from our own pockets, we have made lots and parcels of food to feed the needy.

We have stretched food based on miracle recipes that will leave famous chefs open-mouthed with admiration.

Once again, I am almost on bended knees asking government to rethink the way food parcels are handed out.

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